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The steel industry has a long way to go in terms of environmental protection and production capacity, and small-diameter galvanized pipes

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"At present, the development trend of the steel industry is that there will be a long-term pressure on excess capacity. Therefore, the national policy trend for the steel industry is that the policy of capacity reduction and replacement is expected to continue to be used, and the promotion of mergers and reorganizations will become an important policy orientation and long-term effect. An important part of the mechanism, related policies to promote the normal differentiation of enterprises are expected to be gradually introduced. Environmental protection policies will become an important factor affecting the operation of iron and steel enterprises. Strengthening technological transformation and research and development will still be the direction. Small-caliber galvanized pipes. " At the International Summit on Green Development of the Industrial Chain, Xu Zhaoyuan, director of the Industrial Economics Research Department of the State Development Research Center, emphasized that small diameter galvanized pipes.
The conference was hosted by the China Equipment Management Association, co-organized by 4 companies including Guangxi Shenglong Metallurgy Co., Ltd., and organized by the China Metallurgical Industry International Cooperation Service Center of the China Equipment Management Association, Beijing Guolian Video Information Technology Co., Ltd., and the metallurgical craftsman WeChat public platform. It was held in Fangchenggang City, Guangxi from November 14th to 17th, with a small diameter galvanized pipe. The theme of the conference was transformation and upgrading, intelligent manufacturing, winning the battle for the defense of the blue sky, and small-diameter galvanized pipes. Yu Yong, Chairman of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hesteel Group, wrote a letter to congratulate the meeting, small diameter galvanized pipe. Wei Jinglin, Vice President and Secretary General of China Equipment Management Association, Zhang Hai, Deputy Mayor of Fangchenggang Municipal People's Government of Guangxi, Ke Xueli, General Manager of Guangxi Shenglong Metallurgy Co., Ltd., and Qian Xiaojun, President of Beijing Guolian Video Information Technology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Small caliber galvanized pipe. More than 800 representatives from all over the country attended the meeting, small-caliber galvanized pipes.
Four or two pounds to resolve excess capacity
Xu Zhaoyuan pointed out that China's overcoming excess capacity will go through a fairly long process, with small diameter galvanized pipes. At present, the three possible supporting factors of China's steel demand include residential steel structuring, railway transportation and industrial use, and small-diameter galvanized pipes. However, the low demand elasticity that has appeared in recent years has led to large price changes. Once overcapacity occurs, it will easily cause large downward pressure on prices, and small-diameter galvanized pipes. Due to the high continuity of steel production, it is difficult to adjust the production capacity. When the demand declines, the output is not easy to adjust. Compared with other industries, it is more likely to fall into a price war. Small-caliber galvanized pipes. In addition, China's steel products have a high degree of homogeneity, and it is difficult for enterprises to achieve differentiated operations through brands. Small-caliber galvanized pipes. Therefore, it is expected that the grouping, merger, and reorganization of the domestic steel industry will become mainstream in the future. A large number of giant steel groups will be generated, which will have important control over raw materials such as iron ore and form a cost advantage for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Xu Zhaoyuan also believes that China will continue to improve the environment for fair competition, and relevant policies to promote the normal differentiation of enterprises will be gradually introduced, and high-efficiency enterprises will benefit more. Small-caliber galvanized pipes.
He believes that if high-efficiency companies have good benefits and low-efficiency companies suffer large losses, market competition will have the effect of survival of the fittest, and government support will have the effect of two or two pounds. If the company cannot differentiate, it will have a long-term excess capacity and fall into low costs. Competition, low efficiency, and a large depreciation of the industry's assets; if reverse differentiation occurs, the phenomenon of bad coins driving out good coins may occur, and small-caliber galvanized pipes.
When talking about how to promote the positive differentiation of iron and steel enterprises, Xu Zhaoyuan pointed out that it is of course to reward advanced, punish backward, and small-caliber galvanized pipes. Specific measures include the following five points: first, strict law enforcement to create a fair environment of environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety, technology, taxation, energy prices, and labor costs; second, the burden of separating state-owned enterprises from society; and third, the entire industry Implement carbon trading so that high-efficiency companies can sell excess carbon targets. Low-efficiency companies need to buy carbon targets and use market-oriented mechanisms to promote positive differentiation. Fourth, implement differentiated sewage charge policies, unify standards, and collect full sewage charges. Fifth, formulate export policies, implement high tax rebates for high value-added steel, non-refundable or additional tariffs for low value-added steel, and small-diameter galvanized pipes.
Scientific policies lead green
Zhang Linfeng, an expert from the Ministry of Development, Science, Technology and Environmental Protection of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, pointed out in the conference report that at present, the following major problems and difficulties still exist in the process of green development of China's steel: Not paying enough attention to seriously perform the main responsibility of pollution control; there are excessive discharges such as abnormal operation of pollution prevention facilities and direct exhaust of gas; quite a lot of enterprises have relatively extensive management, and there is no unified coordination of departments for the generation, circulation and reuse of solid waste. A number of subsidiary business units under their own disposal or outsourced disposal, solid waste utilization business operations are scattered, solid waste such as desulfurization by-products, steel slag accumulation or backfilling, small-caliber galvanized pipe.
The situation of most enterprises is that the governance facilities are on, the closed ones are closed, and the dust removal is on, but there is still insufficient management, and the governance effect has not really come into play. Small-caliber galvanized pipes. With the country's increasingly stricter requirements on the iron and steel industry in terms of professional environmental management staffing and the quality of environmental protection facility operators, ultra-low-emissions transformation technology is becoming more difficult, and small-diameter galvanized pipes. Taking sintering as an example, it is difficult to achieve the standard stably during the implementation. Small-diameter galvanized pipes. Only achieve NOX less than 100 milligrams per cubic meter, end-treatment facilities such as medium temperature selective catalytic reduction technology or activated carbon need to be added. Each 360 square meter sintering machine needs to invest more than 100 million yuan, and the operating cost is more than 15 yuan / ton. Small diameter Galvanized pipe. Considering the current level of process technology, long-term stable operation is required while satisfying SO2 ≤ 35 mg / standard cubic meter, particulate matter ≤ 10 mg / standard cubic meter, and NOX ≤ 50 mg / standard cubic meter. From advanced, reliable, applicable, and economic considerations, Existing technology is difficult to support, high economic cost, and small diameter galvanized pipe.
When talking about the structural adjustment and technological structure optimization of the steel industry, and solving the problem of regional environmental capacity, Zhang Linfeng pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the main line of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, strictly prohibit the addition of new capacity, and raise the excess capacity elimination standards in key regions, thereby improving the steel industry. Energy saving and environmental protection level, small diameter galvanized pipe.
The specific measures for strictly prohibiting the addition of new production capacity are: no steel works with new capacity can be filed in any name and in any way; the construction of iron and steel making projects must be replaced by capacity or reduced. The replacement ratio of environmentally sensitive areas such as Hebei is not less than 1. : 1.25, small diameter galvanized pipe.
The specific measures to increase the elimination of backward steel production capacity are: Resolutely implement the "Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening Ecological Environmental Protection and Resolutely Fight the Pollution Prevention and Control Challenges", Encourage localities to formulate a wider range and stricter standard of backward production capacity elimination policies; adopt green indicators Defining backward production capacity standards, eliminating high energy consumption and high pollution intensity production capacity, improving the overall equipment energy efficiency level, reducing coal consumption and power consumption level; In view of the status quo of many independent hot rolling processing enterprises, it is necessary to standardize the study of gas furnace pollution Emission issues and energy efficiency issues, small diameter galvanized pipes.
The specific method of promoting mergers and reorganizations and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction is to adhere to the promotion of mergers and reorganizations to increase industrial concentration. This will help promote the application of energy-saving emission reduction technologies and methods such as energy cascade utilization, system optimization, and comprehensive pollutant treatment. Conducive to the company's internal shift production arrangements, small diameter galvanized pipe.
When talking about the promotion of large-scale equipment and energy conservation and emission reduction, Zhang Linfeng believed that the draft of the work plan for the ultra-low emission transformation work issued by the relevant departments emphasized that the capacity reduction in key areas should be strengthened, and sintering machines below 130m2 and less than 1000m3 should be eliminated. Blast furnaces, coke ovens with a carbonization chamber height of 4.3m and below, and a service life of more than 10 years, small-diameter galvanized tubes. In the long run, the metallurgical industry has room to promote large-scale equipment and small-diameter galvanized pipes. Because, under the same capacity, the large-scale smelting equipment has a small number of furnaces or tappings and tappings, light paroxysmal pollution, and small-diameter galvanized pipes. Taking a 2 million tons coking plant as an example, the top-mounted coke ovens at 7.63 meters, 7 meters, 6 meters, and 4.3 meters have 113, 172, 255, and 357 coke pushes per day, respectively. The smaller the emissions of coal and coke from paroxysmal pollutants, the smaller the diameter of galvanized pipes. For another example, at the same capacity, small-scale smelting equipment has many sources of organized pollution emissions, many uncontrolled links of fugitive emissions, difficult environmental monitoring, difficult environmental protection transformation, and small-diameter galvanized pipes. Taking a coke oven with an annual output of 1.1 million tons as an example, the number of leaks in a coke oven with a height of 7 meters in the carbonization chamber is reduced by 23.6%, the length of the sealing surface is reduced by 8.5%, and the number of leaks opened each day is reduced by 31%. Greatly reduce harmful gas emissions, improve coking production operation environment, small diameter galvanized pipe.
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