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Tianjin Spiral Tube Plant, Green and Low Carbon Is the Main Tune of the Iron and Steel Industry——Li Xinchuang Talks about the High Quality Development of China's Metallurgical Industry and the Trend of Raw Material Market

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China Metallurgical News
Reporter Zhang Lijun Correspondent Hou Aimin
On August 14, at the cooperation agreement of "Overall Development Planning Strategy for 2019-2023" signed by Masteel Mining Resources Group and Metallurgical Planning Institute, held by Magang, Li Xinchuang, President of Metallurgical Planning Institute, focused on the steel industry development situation and raw materials. Market trends, talked about his new ideas, new ideas, new ideas, the most obvious of which are: green and low carbon is the main tone of the steel industry, Tianjin Spiral Pipe Plant,
Li Xinchuang said that in 2019, the global economy is facing uncertain factors, trade frictions are increasing, the situation of international financial markets is tightening, and pressure on China's economic growth is increasing. Under the direct influence of multilateral trade frictions caused by borderism and the spillover effects of policies in developed economies, China's economy as a whole has maintained steady and rapid growth. The Tianjin Spiral Tube Plant increased by 6.3% year-on-year in the first half of the year. The expected economic growth target of 6.0% to 6.5%. The Tianjin Spiral Pipe Plant sets the status quo of the development of China's steel industry. In the first half of the year, the national crude steel output was 492.71 million tons, an increase of 9.9% year-on-year. The average daily crude steel output was 2.719 million tons, annualized. Crude steel output reached nearly 1 billion tons, setting a new historical high. Tianjin Spiral Pipe Plant,
Li Xinchuang pointed out that it is not advisable to blindly increase the output of steel! The blind expansion of production capacity will only suppress the price of steel and squeeze the market space of steel. Tianjin Spiral Tube Plant is currently facing severe air pollution prevention work. The overall environmental protection policy is "only strict and not loose". The acceptance indicators of various environmental protection policies are set in 2020. This year It is the last sprint year. Tianjin Spiral Pipe Plant, for example, "Water Ten", "Plan for Water Pollution Control in Key Basins (2016-2020)", "National Groundwater Control Plan (2011-2020)", etc. proposed "by 2020, The proportion of Class III water in the seven key river basins is more than 70% "," Ten Articles "and" Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Ecological Environmental Protection "propose" by 2020, the comprehensive utilization rate of industrial solid waste in the country will be increased to 73% ", Tianjin Spiral Pipe In addition, in 2019, the central government will start a new round of inspections and plan to spend four years to carry out the second round of central environmental inspections. The first three years are regular comprehensive inspections. In the last year, "look back", Tianjin Helix In the second round of central environmental protection inspections, the management of factories, areas with delayed work, inadequate rectification and significantly reduced environmental quality, and areas with poor implementation will be the focus, and For the issues that touch on the people's livelihood and force high-quality economic development, the Tianjin Spiral Pipe Plant, relevant national and local departments, and state-owned enterprises have been included in the scope of inspection, and targeted at the key areas of ultra-low emission pollution control of steel. "Motorized" special inspector, Tianjin Spiral Pipe Factory,
Li Xinchuang emphasized that metallurgical enterprises must conscientiously study Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and actively implement green mountain and green mountain as the scientific development concept of Jinshan and Yinshan. Urgency and necessity, Tianjin Spiral Pipe Plant, new steel construction projects (including relocation) nationwide should, in principle, achieve ultra-low emission levels. By the end of 2020, key areas will strive to complete the transformation of about 60% of production capacity. By the end of 2025, key areas Basically completed, the country strives to complete the transformation of more than 80% of production capacity, Tianjin spiral pipe plant,
Li Xinchuang frankly stated that cost pressure, environmental protection pressure, and market pressure will force companies to transform and upgrade to comply with the green and low-carbon development. In fact, the Tianjin Spiral Pipe Plant started the national carbon market in December 2017, which is divided into infrastructure construction periods. The simulation operation period and the deepening and perfection period are advanced, and electricity is used as a breakthrough point to take the lead in carrying out transactions. The scope is gradually expanded in accordance with the principle of "mature an industry into one industry". The Tianjin Spiral Pipe Plant and the steel industry are also being implemented in accordance with the deployment. Preliminary preparations, Tianjin Spiral Tube Plant, March 2019, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment publicly solicited opinions on the "Interim Regulations on the Management of Carbon Emissions Trading (Consultation Draft)", which aims to promote the construction of the national carbon market. Initiatives, responsibilities, and missions have a positive meaning for improving the environment, effectively controlling air pollution and water pollution, and reducing carbon emissions. Tianjin Spiral Pipe Plant,
Li Xinchuang pointed out that the steel industry is facing a situation of restructuring the green and low-carbon development management system. To build a green and clean factory, we must use C (carbon production efficiency) + 4E (saving energy, improving economic benefits, and achieving environmental protection). Coordinated governance and the construction of an ecological industrial chain) as the guideline, we must take the improvement of carbon productivity as the core and take the lead in saving energy and improving economic benefits. At the same time, we must implement collaborative governance and meet environmental protection requirements to form a steel ecological industry chain. The Tianjin Spiral Pipe Plant focuses on establishing steel Green and low-carbon development support system for production process, through the compatibility and positive interaction of low-carbon, energy, economy, environment, ecological services and other subsystems, to achieve the sustainable development of low-carbon economy in steel production, Tianjin Spiral Pipe Plant,
Li Xinchuang said that in the process of promoting green and low-carbon development, iron and steel enterprises should build a carbon emission management platform. By establishing a carbon emissions statistics system for iron and steel enterprises, they can upload and submit data on the carbon footprint of each production process of steel enterprises, and truly reflect steel. The carbon flow of the company, analyzes and predicts carbon emission trends and emission reduction potentials, provides data support for determining the carbon emission baseline, and further promotes the establishment of a performance evaluation system based on carbon emissions management for steel companies. The development goal system, based on the traditional, structural, and management energy-saving paths, seeks a green development implementation path from multiple aspects. Tianjin Spiral Pipe Plant, specifically, one is to improve the development goal system, and the other is to try to continue the carbon management assessment. The key indicators are included in the KPI assessment. The third is to quantify the benchmark quota for process emissions. The fourth is to decompose the carbon reduction measures and implement them in the responsible sector and the production line. The fifth is to do a coordinated consideration with environmental protection and comprehensive resource utilization technologies. Spend great effort to promote the application of advanced energy-saving and low-carbon technologies. Indeed calculate the technical carbon emission reduction cost of iron and steel enterprises. Eighth is to effectively guide the enterprise to reasonably choose energy-saving and low-carbon technological transformation projects. Ninth is to carry out in-depth capacity building and provide guidance for enterprises to respond to carbon trading. In general, Tianjin Spiral Pipe Plant, To implement the ultra-low emission requirements of iron and steel enterprises issued by the state, iron and steel enterprises should be based on the current and long-term perspective, review the status of their own emissions, do a good job of assessing emissions levels, market risk assessments in a timely manner, predict future emissions, find technical solutions, and formulate Medium and long-term development of low-carbon enterprises, construction of energy-saving and carbon reduction project library, Tianjin Spiral Pipe Plant,
In the end, Li Xinchuang said with confidence that I firmly believe that with the joint efforts of steel companies, the sky in all large, medium and small cities across the country will be more blue, more steel-type factories will appear in steel mills across the country, and even 3A-level, 4A-level scenic tourist factory, Tianjin Spiral Pipe Factory,
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