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Large Caliber Spiral Pipe Factory, Li Lijian: It makes people feel like the production workshop is built in the park

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On September 7th, at the symposium to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in the steel industry, the principals of 15 large steel companies jointly signed and issued the "Green Development Declaration of Chinese Steel Enterprises" under the witness of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association. Hereinafter referred to as the "Declaration"), Ansteel is one of the representatives of these 15 steel companies.
"By signing and issuing the" Declaration ", we have demonstrated the social and historical responsibilities of our iron and steel people, so that the society can understand the steel industry's efforts and achievements in green development, and then change the society's silly attitude towards the steel industry in the past. The big stereotype. At the same time, we are also proclaiming the goals and determination of our Chinese steelers to the world, so that the world has a new understanding of the Chinese steel industry. "Li Gang, Secretary of the Angang Group Party Committee and Chairman, accepted" "China Metallurgical News" reporter said in an exclusive interview.
△ The picture shows Li Lijian
Industrial Tourism Helps Draw a New Blueprint for Green Development
Li Lijian told the reporter of China Metallurgical News that the green development of steel that he understands is the green development of the entire iron and steel process. The end of the user's life to achieve the "green" of the product's entire life cycle.
In recent years, Ansteel attaches great importance to green development, and always regards green development as the lifeline of enterprises. Ansteel clearly stated that "there is the need for enterprise development, but also clear water and blue sky." Environmental protection is regarded as a political task, the basis of survival, and the people's livelihood.
It is reported that as early as 2014, under the circumstances that production and operation were still very difficult, Ansteel resolutely invested 800 million yuan in capital and vigorously carried out environmental treatment to achieve the discharge of the entire process.
In 2017, Anshan Iron & Steel invested a total of 3 billion yuan. In accordance with the ultra-low emission standards required by the state, one step is in place, and a high starting point has been made to improve environmental protection. More than 30 new environmental protection improvement projects covering all production processes have been created. Ansteel has landed, and a number of environmental protection indicators have reached world-class and domestic leading levels. In particular, coking desulfurization and denitrification technology not only has independent intellectual property rights, but has also been rated as an "international leading level" by the Chinese Metal Society. Ansteel became the first domestic iron and steel joint enterprise to achieve full-process dry dust removal and bleaching. Its main processes achieved ultra-low emissions and near-zero emissions, and daily emissions of pollutants were significantly reduced by more than 70% compared to 2016.
Since 2018, Ansteel has again invested 2.6 billion yuan with the goal of ultra-low emissions in the entire process and process, and has begun a new round of in-depth environmental protection. At the same time, Ansteel has invested more than 1 billion yuan in special funds to promote the construction of "park-type, forest-type" garden chemical plants based on national 4A-level tourist attractions and urban built-up areas. Shaping Angang's new green advantages for high-quality development.
"After entering the steel plant, let people feel that the production workshop is built in the park." Li Lijian described the scene of the green factory like this.
Li Lijian introduced that the first phase of Anshan Iron & Steel's garden chemical plant construction has been completed and the second phase construction has begun. Ansteel has a quarter of its plant located in Yinxu General Protected Area. To this end, Ansteel specially invited Tsinghua Tongheng Research Institute, the design unit for the protection planning of the Yinxu site, to design the Ansteel plant area, so that this part of the plant can be integrated into the overall protection plan of Yinxu area.
"Ansteel also has copper and silver smelting sites 3,000 years ago. This is a heritage of metallurgical culture and can be said to be unique among steel mills around the world." Li Lijian is proud of this, " This unique metallurgical cultural heritage and precipitation needs to be explained to the world through reasonable planning and design, so that the significance and value of Ansteel can be more prominent. "Next, Ansteel will build industrial tourism based on this focus, and let ancient metallurgy and Modern metallurgy echoes through time and space.
Make every effort to create a new situation for revitalization and development
"From the lack of iron and steel in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China to the world's largest steel output, China's steel industry has gone through a tortuous and brilliant struggle." Li Lijian said with emotion.
Ansteel was born from the founding of steel, grew from serving the country, and grew from the power of steel. In the era when steel is most needed in China, the completion and production of Ansteel rewrites the history of the lack of iron and steel in the Central Plains and the backwardness of basic industries. For more than 60 years, after several generations of Ansteel people's unswerving hard work, Ansteel has developed into a 10-million-ton modern steel group. Reviewing the development history of Ansteel, in the early stage of reform and opening up, Ansteel took the lead in implementing contracted management system in industrial enterprises in Henan Province and even across the country, and took the lead in exceeding 1 million tons of steel output in local steel state-owned enterprises. Since entering the 21st century, Ansteel has continuously accelerated the large-scale, automated, intelligent, informatized, and modernized construction of equipment, leaving a strong mark in the development of the country's iron and steel industry, and has also made positive contributions to the economic and social development of Henan .
"A new era, new responsibilities, and new roles. Ansteel will make every effort to create the 'three characteristics' of green, efficient and high-quality development. "Going out," we will create a new situation for Angang's revitalization and development. "Li Lijian said.
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