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Hou Jun: Compose a new chapter of high-quality development with the spirit of Chinese steel, large-caliber spiral pipe plant

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“From the beginning of the founding of the People ’s Republic of China, the annual steel output was not enough to play a kitchen knife. Today, it accounts for half of the world ’s steel output, supporting China to become the world ’s second largest economy. The 70-year development of the steel industry can be described as a new world and a magnificent one. Not only has steel production already surpassed the United States to catch up with the United States, it has ranked No. 1 in the world for 23 consecutive years, but also continuously surpassed in core technology, process equipment, and quality, and is determined to lead. "
On September 7th, at the symposium celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in the steel industry, Hou Jun, vice chairman of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview with the reporter of China Metallurgical News . He emphasized that in the past 70 years, China's steel industry has not only contributed steel, but also formed an excellent culture and spirit in the development process. In the new era, steel enterprises should carry forward this iron and steel spirit and accelerate the realization of high-quality development goals.
△ The picture shows Hou Jun
Shansteel is the epitome of the development of China's steel industry
"In terms of contribution, the development of Shanxi Iron and Steel is a microcosm of the development of China's steel industry." Hou Jun believes.
By the end of 2018, Shanxi Iron and Steel Group and its member units had produced more than 300 million tons of steel, and successively built the nation's largest plate production and export base--Jigang, and the nation's largest H-beam production base--Laigang, with international advanced Rizhao, a high-quality steel base, supplies products to Beijing and Beijing Olympic venues, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Fuxing high-speed rail, Beijing's first maglev line, Russia's Yamal project, Shell Petroleum, BMW Motors and other key domestic and foreign projects And the world's top 500 companies, entered the Xiong'an New Area, national economic circles and countries along the "Belt and Road", and made important contributions to the sustained and rapid development of China's economy.
"However, to sum up the contribution of China's iron and steel people, it still lies in creating a precious steel spirit in 70 years." Hou Jun said.
The spirit of steel includes the spirit of patriotism, loyalty and courage, the entrepreneurial spirit of hard work and dedication, the spirit of innovation, the pioneering spirit of innovation, the spirit of openness, tolerance and self-reliance, and the people-oriented spirit of relying on the people and benefiting the people.
"Shanshan Iron and Steel Jigang's spiritual qualities such as care for the overall situation, self-improvement, hard work and dedication are the manifestation of the iron and steel spirit. Now Shansteel Jinan Steel runs smoothly, the benefits continue to grow, and the industry is more diversified." Hou Jun introduced .
Hou Jun believes that China's steel in the future should be advanced: high concentration, balanced supply and demand, reasonable layout, leading technology, and variety and quality to meet user needs; it should be intelligent: application Internet, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, machines Generation, precise control, efficient production, and smooth flow of materials; should be green: ultra-low emissions, best use of materials, circular economy, environmentally friendly, harmonious coexistence between people and nature, cities and enterprises.
Realizing the conversion of old and new kinetic energy
"In the new era, the situation facing the Chinese steel industry is still grim, the mission is glorious but the task is arduous, and the dream of a strong country in steel is still on the road. For this reason, Shansteel Group will seize the great opportunity of the construction of a comprehensive new and old kinetic energy conversion test zone in Shandong Province. The spirit of steel composes a new chapter in high-quality development.
Promote product upgrades and create high-end new kinetic energy. Shansteel Group will establish customer-led product innovation, marketing services, and analysis and decision-making mechanisms to strengthen differentiation, regionalization, and branding advantages; take key product development, key technology R & D and applications as breakthroughs, and strengthen the right to speak in the high-end market ; Jianqiang Rizhao Iron and Steel Boutique Base and Laiwu Iron and Steel Boutique Base, to achieve special steel, special steel, strong strip, special bar, excellent bar, and comprehensively shape the high-end image of the iron and steel industry of Shanxi Iron and Steel Group.
Promote intelligent manufacturing and create efficient new kinetic energy. Shansteel Group will use new technologies to transform traditional production lines, promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and various industries, and build a batch of smart factories and digital workshops; build big data intelligent decisions around core businesses such as capital and budget management, key production and cost information Platform, realizing industrial intelligence and intelligent industrialization, and comprehensively improving management level and operating efficiency.
Promote circular economy and create new green kinetic energy. Shanxi Iron and Steel Group will comprehensively promote the implementation of the "Green Development Action Plan (2019-2020)", strengthen essential emission reductions, ultra-low emissions, promote the application of advanced and mature energy-saving and environmental protection technologies at home and abroad, and achieve pollution emission standards, effective total control, The risk environment is controllable, construction projects are compliant, production processes are clean, and resource utilization is efficient, and they have truly become the promoters, practitioners, and front runners of green development.
Promote openness and revitalization, and create new international kinetic energy. Shansteel Group will seize the strategic opportunities of the country ’s “Belt and Road” construction, strengthen management, technology, brand, trade, investment, marketing and other exchanges with advanced steel companies and upstream and downstream enterprises on a global scale, and expand the breadth and depth of cooperation , Speed up the internationalization process of Shansteel Group, and increase the influence of Shansteel Group's international market and overseas reputation.
Promote joint reorganization and create new intensive momentum. Shansteel Group will follow the steel industry development strategy of “outstanding coastal areas, optimizing inland areas, focusing on quality and scale”, innovating production capacity cooperation models, adhering to low-cost production capacity enhancement, market-based joint reorganization, and high-quality transformation and upgrading, and write the advanced The “Shanshan Iron and Steel” of the development planning of the iron and steel manufacturing base has entered the ranks of 40 million tons of large-scale iron and steel enterprise groups as soon as possible.
Promote the deepening of reforms and build new momentum for institutions and mechanisms. Shansteel Group will build an upgraded version of the state-owned capital investment company, reform the group management and control model, and effectively make each industrial company an independent operating entity; continue to deepen the three system reforms (labor, personnel, and distribution), and explore the establishment of a professional manager system, steadily Promote the in-depth development of contractual management of ownership enterprises; accelerate the reform of mixed ownership, open up cooperation with strong and masters, adhere to the combination of "bringing in" and "going out", open the "gate" to asset securitization, and open the introduction of high quality The “gateway” for strategic investors to achieve the goal of “state-owned system, private mechanism, and effective incentives” to maximize the vitality of corporate development.
"Standing at a new historical starting point for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, facing the urgent demands for high-quality economic development and the grand blueprint for building a strong socialist modern country, China Steel is still in a period of important strategic opportunities that can make a lot of progress." Hou Jun emphasized .
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