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Large-caliber spiral pipe factory, a 10-million-ton steel company builds an urban-enterprise development community like this

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"By the end of 2019, Xiangtan steel deep-processing enterprises using Xianggang wire and rods as raw materials will increase from five in 2018 to eight. One of them is a Japanese-made vehicle for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Honda, Toyota and other passenger cars. The foreign-funded enterprise is currently installing equipment and plans to start production at the end of the year. The production scale of the welding wire production base around Xiangtan's electrode steel around Xiangtan has ranked third in the country. "This is August 23, Hualing Xianggang Sales Department Information provided by the person in charge during an interview with a reporter from China Metallurgical News. In addition, according to the director of the sheet business of the sales department of Xianggang, manufacturing companies such as Xiangtan Construction Machinery and Steel Structure purchase more than 100,000 tons of plate from Xianggang each year, and there will be a substantial increase in the follow-up.
The cooperation between Xiangsteel and the local downstream enterprises in Xiangtan is carried out within the framework of the Xiangtan City Fine Steel and Deep Processing Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Industry Alliance), which is the leader unit. According to statistics, there are currently 21 Xiangtan fine steel products and industrial enterprises above the scale of deep processing. This industrial supporting and deep processing industrial cluster formed around Xiangsteel has an output value of 51 billion yuan in 2018 and 32.8 billion yuan from January to June 2019. It is expected that the total output value of this year will increase significantly compared with last year.
On July 17, Zhang Yingchun, the mayor of Xiangtan City, investigated the operation of the high-quality steel and deep processing industry chain. On August 19, Zhang Yingchun went to Xianggang to express condolences to high-temperature production employees and thank them for their contributions to the economic development of Xiangtan.
Clarify understanding:
Take responsibility and strengthen the momentum
In 2018, the taxes paid by Xianggang to Xiangtan City were 2.587 billion yuan; from January to July 2019, the accumulated taxes reached 1.576 billion yuan. In terms of environmental protection, a series of air pollution control projects of Hunan Iron and Steel are being carried out in accordance with the timetable stipulated in the "Opinions on Promoting the Implementation of Ultra Low Emissions in the Iron and Steel Industry" jointly issued by the five national ministries and commissions. As a large state-owned enterprise with the largest operating scale in Hunan Province, in recent years, Xianggang has paid more attention to the role of "power source" and "leader" in the development of Xiangtan's local economy. Significant social responsibility for the city in which it is located.
In addition, Xiangtan City also attaches great importance to the role of Xianggang, a 10-million-ton steel company, in the city's social and economic development. Not long ago, Zhang Yingchun went to Xianggang to work on-site at the technical transformation project. She said that Xiangtan needs industry, especially high-quality large enterprises like Xianggang. Serving Xianggang is to serve the high-quality development of Xiangtan. In this issue, not only must we further unify our thinking, we must also transform the requirements for service awareness and service level into consciousness of thought and action, which is reflected in each specific project and specific decision-making. among.
The industrial alliance takes Xiangsteel as its core and closely connects Xiangsteel's production and operation, product structure, development planning, important projects, customer resources, etc. Many business people of Xiangsteel serve as investment invitation commissioners of the industrial alliance. The specific operation of the industry alliance is carried out through three public service platforms and expert libraries such as Xiangtan Steel Deep Processing Industry Association, Hunan Fine Steel and Deep Processing Featured Industrial Park, and Material Mechanical Performance Testing Platform.
Among them, the Steel Deep Processing Industry Association was established in 2009 and is the first in the country. It is also the first domestic vertical industry chain organization led by a regional government. It also established the China Steel Deep Processing Industry Network. The association has established an online testing platform for the testing of mechanical properties of materials, improved the database of materials mechanical testing standards and material specifications for steel, carried out key testing technology research, resource construction and integration, formulated testing and evaluation specifications, and defined the welding performance of key materials. Evaluation methods and standards to improve the quality system of high-quality steel.
Extending the industrial chain:
Industry docking to achieve mutual benefit and win-win
Xiangtan steel processing enterprises generally have a common characteristic: as long as it is a steel product that Xianggang can produce, they use Xianggang. The reasons are as follows: First, the products of Xianggang have a brand advantage, the quality is stable and reliable, and they have won the trust of downstream users. Second, Xianggang implements a resource priority policy for local steel deep-processing enterprises and timely and secure supply. With worries, they dare to take orders boldly from their downstream customers; third, the technical service support provided by Xiangsteel is in place quickly; fourth, it can save considerable transportation costs. A deep processing company originally needed to purchase steel varieties from other steel mills. With the upgrading of the production line of Xiangsteel, under the coordination of the industry alliance, this company said that when Xiangsteel will produce products, they will start ordering.
The Industry Alliance has held many industry-docking negotiations between Xiangtan enterprises and Xianggang. Xiangsteel has established a long-term cooperative relationship with Xiangtan Motor Group, a leading enterprise in the domestic motor industry, to purchase each other's products. In the first half of this year, Xiangtan Xinao Gas signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xiangsteel. Xinao Gas provided high-calorific value gas for the industrial furnace of Xiangsteel to improve heating efficiency and help to further improve the quality of steel. The raw materials and materials required by Xianggang are also preferentially purchased from Xiangtan enterprises under the same conditions; in order to help customers effectively solve the "last mile" problem of logistics and distribution, Xianggang has built a Hongsheng Warehouse and Logistics Park in Xiangtan High-tech Zone.
The industrial alliance also extends upstream of the industrial chain, taking important projects as specific starting points, broadening cooperation areas, increasing cooperation efforts, and enhancing cooperation effectiveness. Ganghong Investment and Development Co., Ltd., a comprehensive metal resource utilization base based on scrap steel collection, processing and trade, was established in June this year. Xianggang holds 51% of shares and Xiangtan County holds 49%. It is expected to be officially put into operation by the end of this year. The annual processing of scrap steel is 500,000 tons, and the volume of scrap steel trade reaches 1 million tons. In an interview with the China Metallurgical News reporter, the head of Xianggang International Trade Company stated that for Xianggang, this base will strengthen the ability to maintain and supply scrap resources. Through the base's processing and distribution, the quality of scrap will be effectively controlled and reduced. Not only the comprehensive cost of scrap procurement, but also the new benefit growth point of Xianggang Group's industry. With this project, Xiangtan County can not only cultivate tax sources, increase tax revenue and operating income, but also enjoy dividends from relevant state incentive policies. At the same time, the Xianggang project entered the newly developed Yanghe Industrial Park in Xiangtan County, which has a strong demonstration and leading role.
Layout innovation:
Out of the city, seeking greater development space
How to make this industrial alliance between steel mills and cities play a bigger and more lasting role in promoting local economic development? The director of Xianggang Planning Department introduced the future ideas to the reporter of China Metallurgical News, saying that as an urban steel plant, it is necessary to innovate ideas, jump out of the city in terms of industrial layout, and strengthen project cooperation with Xiangtan City and its counties and districts. Seek greater development space.
Xiangsteel is located in the Xiangjiang River belt zone. The north, west, and south face the river. The east side is the main town of Xiangtan. The surrounding land resources are limited. However, Xiangtan County and Hunan Iron and Steel are only separated by a river. In 2018, it ranked 42nd in the country's first top 100 business environment districts and counties. It has abundant land resources, human resources and a good business environment. The county government There is also a strong willingness to cooperate with Xianggang. With the Xiangjiang Bridge and Yangmeizhou Xiangjiang Bridge expected to be completed in 2020, the road logistics passages on the north and south sides of Xianggang will be smoother, and the geographical advantages of cooperation between the two sides will further appear, and the comprehensive utilization base of metal resources will become a good beginning.
The person in charge said that with the development and fission of Hunan Steel's diversified industries, it will focus on seeking to expand suitable environmental spaces, and the future layout of some industrial units will gradually move away from urban areas and settle in Xiangtan City and County industrial parks. According to the development trend of the domestic manufacturing industry, the headquarters of some large enterprises will focus on R & D and design, while the manufacturing end will be outsourced or even plugged in. This requires close access to their material suppliers. Xianggang's idea is to introduce the manufacturing end of its important strategic customers to Xiangtan County to establish a production base, so that Xiangtan County, a traditional agricultural county, will develop into an industrial county with a cluster of advantageous industries in the future.
The high-quality steel and deep-processing industry alliance model that Xianggang and Xiangtan City construct and operate effectively play a strong supporting role in local social and economic development. In recent years, the per capita GDP of Xiangtan has maintained the second consecutive ranking of Hunan's 14 prefectures and cities, second only to Changsha, the provincial capital. In April 2017, Xiangtan was included in the first batch of national industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration zones. In the first half of 2019, the GDP of Xiangtan City increased by 7.4% year-on-year, and the added value of large-scale industries increased by 8.7% year-on-year.
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