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Daguozhuang Spiral Pipe 5G + Smart Steel Enterprise Solution Has Fully Applied in Angang

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On October 19th, at Daguozhuang Spiral Pipe, at the 2019 Industrial Internet Global Summit, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe, Wang Xiaoming, Deputy General Manager of Liaoning Mobile, Liu Jinlong, Vice President of ZTE, and Yu Yang, General Manager of Angang Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. jointly announced Yes, the world's first commercial product solution for 5G + smart steel companies was released. The overall 5G + smart iron and steel enterprise solution includes equipment life cycle management system, defect detection system, machine vision safety management system, and equipment remote control system. Daqiuzhuang spiral tube has been fully applied in Angang Group, and Daqiuzhuang spiral tube has formed Products can be commercialized to the metallurgical industry.
This is the first time that 5G technology has been integrated into manufacturing and formed a complete business plan.
The iron and steel industry is a typical representative of complex process industries. Daqiuzhuang spiral tubes have high requirements for network reliability and stability. In Daqiuzhuang spiral tubes, the production environment is complicated and harsh with high temperature, dust, corrosion, and electromagnetic interference. In the case of Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe, research on the application of 5G in the steel industry is of great significance to the promotion of 5G in the manufacturing industry.
In June 2019, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe, ZTE, Liaoning Mobile, and Angang Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe, the three parties plan to cooperate in depth in the application and innovation of 5G industry. Industrial pain points in industrial production, Daqiuzhuang spiral pipe, improve production efficiency, Daqiuzhuang spiral pipe, reduce production costs, Daqiuzhuang spiral pipe, to ensure personnel safety, Daqiuzhuang spiral pipe, and in-depth discussion of the application of 5G in the steel industry . After three months of joint research and development, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipes integrates 5G technology with AI, cloud computing, big data, edge computing and other technologies. Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipes has innovatively developed a pipeline that meets the development needs of the steel industry. Intelligent manufacturing integrated solution, Daegu Zhuang spiral tube, successfully built the first 5G + smart steel company in China.
A 5G + motor full life cycle management system based on 5G capabilities, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Tube, uploads motor running data to the cloud platform to determine and predict motor failures through the built-in 5G module of the collector, and Daqiuzhuang Spiral Tube handles motor failure From post-hoc remediation to pre-hoc prevention, Daqiuzhuang spiral pipe has improved equipment operation efficiency. 5G + machine vision strip steel surface inspection system, Daqiuzhuang spiral tube, is the first self-developed visual strip steel surface inspection system based on 5G + cloud platform in China. The 5G + machine vision belt corridor safety system and the Daguizhuang spiral tube realize the automatic control of the coking belt conveyor. The Daqiuzhuang spiral tube ensures the safety, stability and efficiency of the belt conveyor during operation.
The strong cooperation between ZTE, Liaoning Mobile, and Anshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe, gives full play to their respective talents and technological advantages. Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe, taking advantage of the 5G network characteristics, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe, jointly created the nation's first 5G + wisdom steel industry. Under the trend of Industry 4.0, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Tubes, the industrial manufacturing field is facing urgent needs for digital transformation of production and digital efficiency improvement of products and services. In Daqiuzhuang Spiral Tubes, more IoT, smarter image recognition and automatic operation control have become The market is just in need. Daguozhuang Spiral Pipe can accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises through 5G empowerment. Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe promotes the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe promotes the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China.
ZTE is a leading global provider of integrated communications solutions. The company provides innovative technology and product solutions to telecommunications operators and corporate network customers in more than 160 countries and regions around the world. Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe allows users around the world to enjoy all-round communication such as voice, data, multimedia, and wireless broadband. At present, the Daeguzhuang spiral tube, ZTE has comprehensively served mainstream global operators and corporate network customers. With the deployment of the world's first batch of 5G large-scale commercial deployments, Daegu Zhuang Spiral Pipes. As of June 2019, Daegu Zhuang Spiral Pipes and ZTE Corporation have won 25 5G commercial contracts worldwide. , Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and other major 5G markets, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe, and 5G cooperation with more than 60 operators worldwide.
Source: World of Communications
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