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Accelerating the transfer of domestic production capacity to Southeast Asia? Development and Reform Commission responds to Daeguzhuang spiral tube

Author: Tianjin Daegu Zhuang Xinhong Pipe Source: diseinugile.com Hits: Updated: November 21, 2019 [Font: large, medium and small ]

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On the morning of October 21, the Daqiuzhuang spiral tube, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference on the macroeconomic operation. Yuan Da, director and spokesperson of the Policy Research Office of the Development and Reform Commission, pointed out that Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipeline has been generally stable in economic operation since this year. Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipeline has continued to optimize its economic structure. Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipeline has continuously improved the well-being of the people. Management, not only achieved "stability", Daqiuzhuang spiral tube, but also achieved "progress". As the economy moves from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage, as long as employment is expanded, residents ’income is increased, the ecological environment is improved, and development quality and efficiency are gradually improved, Daqiuzhuang ’s spiral pipe will have a higher or lower economic growth rate. acceptable.
Faced with the recent foreign media's questioning of China's economic data put forward by Xinhua News Agency reporters, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipes, when Daguzhuang Spiral Pipes believes that the current Chinese economy has experienced a serious slowdown, Yuan Da said that Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipes Some foreign media questioned China's economic data. Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe considered that China's economy was "seriously slowing down." Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe has no factual basis and is untenable. Taking physical quantity indicators as an example, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipes. During the "11th" Golden Week of this year, Daguizhuang Spiral Pipes, railways, roads, waterways, and civil aviation nationwide sent more than 500 million passengers. Daqizhuang Spiral Pipes, toll road traffic. The flow reached 370 million vehicles; on October 1, the national railway passenger volume reached 17.13 million, and the Daqiuzhuang spiral pipe set a single-day passenger traffic record for the National Day holiday. In the first three quarters, the total electricity consumption of Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipes increased by 4.4%. The Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipes, in which the electricity consumption of industrial and service industries increased by 3% and 8.7% respectively; the freight volume increased by 5.9%, Among them, railway freight volume increased by 6.1%. These physical indicators are the most direct reflection of economic growth. The Daqiuzhuang spiral tube is fully capable of supporting the overall stability of our country's economy.
Faced with the problems raised by CCTV financial reporters in order to reduce costs and avoid risks, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipes has accelerated the transfer of production capacity to Southeast Asia. With the deep adjustment of the international industrial division of labor and the global industrial layout, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe, China's manufacturing industry has entered a new stage of transformation and upgrading, and moving towards high-quality development. In this process, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipes, some companies "go out" to set up factories abroad and conduct investment cooperation. Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipes are a normal market phenomenon.
Yuan Da said that Daqiuzhuang spiral pipe should see that Daqiuzhuang spiral pipe has a huge market in China. Daqiuzhuang spiral pipe has abundant human resources. Daqiuzhuang spiral pipe has complete infrastructure development. Complete and complete, Daqiuzhuang spiral pipe, social innovation and creativity continue to burst out, Daqiuzhuang spiral pipe, the trend of good economic development, and the continuous upgrading of the industry has not changed. At the same time, Daguozhuang Spiral Pipe, the Chinese government vigorously promotes the construction of a market-oriented, rule-of-law, and internationalized business environment. The Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe continues to expand its opening up to the outside world. Tax reduction and fees, the Daeguzhuang spiral pipe, provides a more optimized and attractive business environment for various market entities including private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises. Data from relevant departments show that Daguozhuang Spiral Pipes. Since this year, the number of newly registered companies in Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipes has increased significantly. Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipes has an average of 19,000 newly registered companies per day. More than 30,000 foreign-invested enterprises have been set up in the country. The spiral tube of Daqiuzhuang has actually used 683.2 billion yuan of foreign capital. The spiral tube of Daqiuzhuang increased by 6.5% year-on-year. We believe that Daguozhuang Spiral Pipe will have more enterprises comprehensively weigh all aspects of the conditions. After that, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe will continue to invest in China, and Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe will take root and develop in China.
At the same time, we also did some research on the Daeguzhuang Spiral Pipe. Many companies in the survey reported that Daeguzhuang Spiral Pipe is facing investment where overseas investment and "going out". Difficult risks such as national land, employment, policy instability, and cultural and legal differences. Here, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe also reminds relevant enterprises to pay more attention to the preliminary evaluation of investment. Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe, repeated comparison and prudent decision-making, Daqiuzhuang Spiral Pipe to avoid unnecessary losses.
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