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Q235b rectangular tube, high-quality development? Come here to find the answer!

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This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the third year since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed a strategy for achieving high-quality development. First, it is an integral part of Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era!
The high quality of development includes product quality, innovation, efficiency, green and many other aspects. The most important thing is to follow the requirements of new development concepts-innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. These elements are also the core essence of the brand. , Q235b rectangular tube, to achieve high-quality development, is the only way to achieve the transformation from product to brand, Q235b rectangular tube,
For the steel industry, how to implement high-quality development, and how should the road of steel power be taken? These are questions that people in the industry must seriously consider and put into practice.
To this end, China Metallurgical Newspaper and Sambo Group held the 2019 (Second) High-Quality Development? The Road to a Powerful Iron and Steel Summit Forum in Zhangzhou, Fujian, September 15-17, 2019, with the theme "New Era, New Momentum" "New Steel" aims to discuss and exchange high-quality development of steel companies through kinetic energy conversion, exchange business development experience, discover downstream demand trends, provide decision-making references for steel companies, and present a gift for the 70th anniversary of New China.
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High-quality development? Summit Forum on the Road to the Power of Steel!
Want to know how to implement high quality development!
Coming to high-quality development? Summit Forum on the Road to the Power of Steel! !!
I want to know how to take the road to a strong country!
Coming to high-quality development? Summit Forum on the Road to the Power of Steel! !!
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At the same time, the annual Chinese steel industry brand ceremony-the 2019 steel industry excellence / outstanding brand enterprises award ceremony will also be held at the same time, Q235b rectangular tube, this is a gift to the steel industry and corporate brand work in 2018, It is a continuation of the work after the release of the "5.10" brand list. Q235b is a pipe. The above is a list of Chinese steel brand companies in 2019. Please send representatives to the list to receive awards. Q235b
I. Conference Theme
New era new kinetic energy new steel
Meeting time and place
Time: September 15-17, 2019
Venue: Crowne Plaza Zhangzhou Rongxin (No. 88 Shuixian Street, Longwen District, Zhangzhou, Fujian)
Meeting organization
Instructor: China Iron and Steel Industry Association
Organizer: Sambo Group of China Metallurgical News
Fourth, the content of the meeting
1. Economists analyze the characteristics and trends of China's economic development in the first three quarters, Q235b
2. Relevant experts made reports on the development characteristics of the steel industry in the first three quarters, future downstream demand analysis, and market changes. Q235b
3. Based on the actual situation in the past two years, analyze the key points, difficulties and ways to achieve high-quality development in the steel industry, as well as the situation of the joint restructuring of the steel industry in the past two years. Q235b
4. Famous academicians analyze the technical progress direction of high-quality development, Q235b rectangular tube,
5. High-quality development and experience exchange of excellent brand companies, Q235b
6. Construction, automobile, ship and other steel industry companies introduce their major projects and procurement requirements, as well as their future development strategies, Q235b
7, awarded the 2019 steel industry excellence / outstanding steel companies awards, trophies, Q235b rectangular tube,
V. Conference fees and room and board
1. China Iron and Steel Industry Association and Quanlian Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce member unit participation fee of 2,000 yuan (including conference fees, data fees, etc.), Q235b rectangular tube, accommodation costs themselves, Q235b rectangular tube, non-member units 3000 yuan / person Q235b rectangular tube,
2. Please make sure to indicate the name and contact person of the participant when remittance. After receiving the remittance slip or remittance, the conference organizing committee will issue the invoice as "conference fee", Q235b will be in charge, please refer to the receipt for the invoice information. Indicate (please fill in the “Participation Receipt Form” carefully, see the attachment, and send it to the conference team before August 28, 2019), so that the conference team will issue an invoice in advance and collect it when attending the meeting (the payment can be paid on-site before August 28 Get the invoice, post and pay the invoice after the meeting), Q235b
3. Account opening bank and account number of the receiving unit:
Account Name: Beijing MCC Newspaper Information Consulting Center
Account number: 11041901040001422
Bank: ABC Beijing Shuangbeiqiao Sub-branch
6. Registration time and place
1. Time: September 15, 2019
2. Location: Zhangzhou, Fujian
7. Sponsorships are welcome, and we are all together!
Sponsor Hotline
Chen Xiaoli 010-64438771
Conference Registration:
Wang Zhi: 17346512916
Wu Yong: 18911752510
Liu Jiajun: 13522524169
Welcome to the grand event!
China Metallurgical News
August 9, 2019
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