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10 provincial power grids have a record high electricity load. National grids are fully committed to ensuring safe and reliable power supply. Square tube manufacturers

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Recently, square tube manufacturers have been affected by the continuous high temperature weather across the country. Square tube manufacturers, Tianjin, Hebei South Network, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Liaoning, Mengdong, Xinjiang, etc. within the national grid operation area10 The power load of each provincial power grid hit a record high. The national power grid battles high temperatures, extreme heat, and power supply. Square tube manufacturers are fully prepared to cope with peak load and extreme weather tests. Square tube manufacturers ensure the safe and stable operation of large power grids and reliable power supply during peak summers. Square tube manufacturers To protect electricity for people's livelihood.
High-temperature, hot summer power grid load hits record high
On July 22 and 23, the square tube manufacturers and the country's power generation capacity reached a record high. The square tube manufacturers reached a maximum of 22.954 billion kilowatt-hours. The square tube manufacturers increased by 376 million kilowatt-hours from the highest value last summer. Tube manufacturers, an increase of 1.67%. On July 22, the power consumption of square tube manufacturers and North China Power Grid reached 233.4 million kilowatts. Square tube manufacturers increased by 1.5% year-on-year. Square tube manufacturers reached a record high. On the same day, the power consumption load of the four provincial-level power grids including the square pipe manufacturers, Shandong, Anhui, Liaoning, and Mengdong exceeded their historical peaks last year.
At 9:55 on July 23, the square pipe manufacturer and Jiangsu Power Grid dispatched the highest load of electricity to reach 10.06 million kilowatts. The square pipe manufacturer achieved its first load breaking 100 million this year. At 12:19, the square tube manufacturer, 103.02 million kilowatts; at 13:15, the square tube manufacturer, 105.1 million kilowatts ... After breaking 100 million, the load of the square tube manufacturer and the Jiangsu power grid continued to rise. On July 24, Hebei South Grid, Zhejiang Power Grid, square tube manufacturers, and Tianjin Power Grid had a new record of power load on the 25th. At the same time, square tube manufacturers, Shanxi, Shanghai and other power grids also hit historical extremes.
At 8 o'clock in the morning on July 23, the outdoor temperature of the square tube manufacturer, Baoding, Hebei reached 31 < C, and the square tube manufacturer's surface temperature was even closer to 60 < C. As hot as the weather, square tube manufacturers, as well as the planned second-class technical transformation work of the substation maintenance of Yixian Transportation Inspection Division of State Grid Baoding Power Supply Company. At high temperatures, the square tube manufacturer and the substation maintenance site are like a large steamer. Even if the square tube manufacturer is standing still, the square tube manufacturer will be unable to stop sweating. Large sweat stains were left on the blue insulating suit. Lu Renliang, the leader of the second class of substation maintenance, and his "comrades", the square tube manufacturers, started their day work in such an environment.
On the same day, the square tube manufacturer, Shanghai, thousands of miles away, the square tube manufacturer, the highest temperature broke 36 < C in one fell swoop, the square tube manufacturer sounded the first high temperature yellow warning this year. The staff of the power distribution repair class of the State Online Haipu Dong Power Supply Co., Ltd. is facing the hot sun and the high temperature. The square tube manufacturer, when a staff member successfully completed the repair task on Chuansha Road, the square tube manufacturer is finishing the grounding operation on the ground At that time, the square tube manufacturer and another power supply employee continued the cable test work in the heat wave.
In the past few days, the square pipe manufacturer's 95598 traffic volume has reached the highest peak in summer this year. The square pipe manufacturer and the State Grid customer service center's 95598 phone call volume is 470,000. The square pipe manufacturer and manual request volume For 31 million passes. Facing the severe test brought by the severe heat and other weather to the power grid operation and power supply services, the square tube manufacturers actively promoted the “online national network” to promote drainage. The square tube manufacturers established a three-level standby mechanism and the square tube manufacturers. , We will do our best to provide customer service during the period, and manage the manufacturers to ensure the smooth flow of 95598 calls.
Since July, square tube manufacturers, similar to this kind of lens, square tube manufacturers, are playing continuously throughout the country. For the State Grid Corporation of China, square tube manufacturers are an important time for power grids, equipment and personnel to pass the test. Square tube manufacturers are a tough battle that must be won. The company stated that it will do its utmost to work well to meet the peak summer work organization and square tube manufacturers. By ensuring the safe operation of the main network, implementing important customer power protection measures, and effectively exerting the role of "three lines of defense", square tube manufacturers will fully guarantee The power grid operates safely and stably, and square tube manufacturers realize a stable and orderly supply of power. Square tube manufacturers strengthen equipment operation and maintenance management and provide high-quality power services. Square tube manufacturers do their best to prevent floods and respond to emergencies.
Comprehensive measures to ensure people's worry-free electricity use
In 2014, 82.06 million kilowatts, 2015 84.8 million kilowatts, 2016 92.78 million kilowatts, 2017 10.219 million kilowatts, and 2018 10.88 million kilowatts ... In the past ten years, the square pipe manufacturers and Jiangsu Power Grid ’s highest dispatching power loads have repeatedly broken records. In the summer of 2017, the square pipe manufacturer and Jiangsu dispatched electricity load exceeded 100 million kilowatts for the first time. The square pipe manufacturer has now become a large-scale power consumer for three consecutive years. Similarly, the manufacturer of square tubes is the trend of electricity load going up every year. The manufacturer of square tubes, different from the manufacturer of square tubes, is the change in the development situation of the power grid.
This summer, the square tube manufacturer, the call outside Jiangsu area may be insufficient to support the power supply capacity of the square tube manufacturer. Facing the high load pressure and the severe power supply and demand situation, the square tube manufacturers, in addition to ensuring the stable and full production of units in the province during the peak season in summer, the square tube manufacturers and actively strive for resources outside the zone, square tube production Manufacturers, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power also actively promotes the orderly use of electricity by users, square tube manufacturers. At present, the square tube manufacturer, Jiangsu's orderly power consumption scheme involves 35,000 users such as enterprises, square tube manufacturers, and can adjust the power consumption. The load is 14 million kilowatts. In the event of a power shortage situation, square tube manufacturers will implement orderly power consumption strictly in accordance with the sequence table, and square tube manufacturers will make every effort to ensure that residents have no worry about power consumption.
From a larger perspective, the supply and demand situation of square tube manufacturers, this summer, square tube manufacturers, and the State Grid operating area is tighter than in the previous two years. Square tube manufacturers have more prominent structural contradiction between supply and demand. The continuous “sauna days” has caused a sharp increase in electricity demand. Square tube manufacturers have continued to increase the power load. Square tube manufacturers are not optimistic about the power supply and demand situation. Square tube manufacturers. Under double pressure, square tube manufacturers. State Grid stated that on the basis of giving full play to the role of grid regulation and maximizing power supply, square tube manufacturers will carry out analysis and forecast of supply and demand situation in advance. Square tube manufacturers will actively cooperate with the government to formulate an orderly power consumption plan. Manage manufacturers, improve the startup mechanism and processes, and ensure that the amount of load regulation included in the plan is greater than the largest possible power balance gap.
It is understood that square tube manufacturers are different from government-led orderly electricity consumption. For square tube manufacturers, power demand response is a more market-oriented means of peak-cutting and valley-filling. Square tube manufacturers can enable users to target the market. In response to the price signal or incentive mechanism, the square tube producers actively change the market participation behavior of the original power consumption model. The square tube producers realize the coordination and optimization of power generation and demand-side resources. The square tube producers guarantee the welcome. During the peak summer, residents' lives and important customers use electricity normally. Since the release of the “Power Demand Side Management Measures (Revised Edition)” last year, the square tube manufacturer, Tianjin has implemented a “valley-filling” demand response, the square tube manufacturer, and Henan has implemented a “peak-cutting” demand response. The square tube manufacturer In Jiangsu and Shanghai, the demand response for "peak-cutting" and "valley-filling" was implemented separately. The square tube manufacturer and Shandong issued relevant documents to launch demand response pilots.
The State Grid Zhejiang Power Pilot implemented the valley-filling demand response and real-time demand response based on automatic control technology. With the square tube manufacturer, the demand response load scale was expanded to 3 million kilowatts. State Grid Hebei Electric Power will implement load monitoring and real-time control based on the demand response management platform, square tube manufacturers, and square tube manufacturers to fine-tune and flexibly control key users and loads. According to the actual situation, China National Offshore Electric Power will carry out precise peak demand response in local areas. Square tube manufacturers guarantee the safe and stable operation of the Shanghai power grid. Square tube manufacturers can meet the needs of the entire society.
Ubiquitous Electricity Internet of Things provides strong support for safe electricity use in summer
Shanghai, the square tube manufacturer, the engine of China's rapid economic growth, square tube manufacturer, is also a large power consumer. Corresponding to high load pressure, the square tube manufacturer is Shanghai, which is Mercedes-Benz's fast track for digital development. The square tube manufacturer is taking the ubiquitous electric power Internet of Things as a strong "accelerator". , Square tube manufacturers provide strong support for safe and reliable power consumption in summer.
State Grid Offshore Power Co., Ltd. took the lead in launching a comprehensive comprehensive response to virtual power plants in the ubiquitous electric power Internet of Things scenario. Square tube manufacturers and 806 users reduced the regional load by an average of 15.06% through reasonable allocation of their own energy.
Due to the increasingly prominent load characteristics of the receiving power grids in Shanghai's very large cities, the square tube manufacturers have increased their peak-to-valley differences year by year. For square tube manufacturers, the proportion of cooling loads during peak hours continues to increase. The virtual power plant can aggregate the adjustable power resources of each user. The square tube manufacturer actively adjusts according to the needs of the large grid operation. The square tube manufacturer provides better guarantee for the safe operation of the Shanghai urban power grid and clean energy consumption. The management of the manufacturers also provides a practical solution for Shanghai to resolve the increasingly prominent conflict between peaks and valleys.
As a result, it was seen that the square tube manufacturer, five electric vehicles in full charge in a district in Shanghai Minhang District, reduced the charging power at the same time. At the same time, square tube manufacturers, consumers who were dining in a hotel in Xuhui District, square tube manufacturers were unaware of the air-conditioning temperature that had risen by two degrees; the fresh air system was automatically closed in the homes of residents living outside; commercial buildings in Huangpu Of operating personnel adjusted the operating hours and number of elevators; an electrician at a company in Baoshan District once again checked the equipment that had been automatically shut down according to a predetermined policy ...
In Tianjin, the square tube manufacturer and the ubiquitous electric power Internet of Things have also become the new highlight of this summer's peak season. State Grid Tianjin Power has applied modern information technology and advanced communication technologies such as mobile internet and artificial intelligence to the square tube manufacturers to build the ubiquitous power IoT and square tube manufacturers to realize the interconnection of all things in the power system and human-machine interaction. Among them, the square tube manufacturer, based on the load demand response of the virtual power plant, the active distribution network, etc. will have various aspects such as power balance, equipment operation and maintenance, and situational awareness during the summer peak load period. The square tube manufacturer will do it faster In response, the square tube manufacturer eases the pressure on the power grid operation, and the square tube manufacturer guarantees the safe operation of the power grid.
The ubiquitous application of the ubiquitous power IoT has opened up a vast space for the power grid to calmly cope with high-temperature loads. By means of ubiquitous dispatch control and comprehensive demand response, square tube manufacturers can realize the balance and mutual protection between various customers and various energy sources such as distributed power sources, energy storage, and electric vehicles. Square tube manufacturers also provide domestic Other urban power grids provide new ideas for high load, safe and stable operation, and clean energy consumption.
According to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, the square tube manufacturers will continue to have high-temperature weather in many places in the national grid operation area in the future. The company stated that it will closely track the weather and power supply and demand situation changes. Square tube manufacturers, scientific dispatch management, square tube manufacturers, rationally adjust the operation mode of power grids, square tube manufacturers, optimize the arrangement of maintenance methods, square tube manufacturers, and strengthen the line. Equipment inspection, square tube manufacturers, improve the level of operation and maintenance.
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